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Minimalist, clean, with fresh natural Israeli harvest - this is how we love our holiday table.

Photo: Hagar Dooplet Looking for a creative idea for a summer holiday table - we could not miss the beauty of simple nature this time of the year - many fresh fruits and vegetables in the market, and all trees and gardens around us are blooming. With the holiday of Shavu'ot in mind - fresh olive branches with tiny new fruits - are such a lovely addition to the table decoration. White flower, crispy Challa, and wheat oat - complete an atmosphere that reminds us of the Mitzvah of 'Bikurim' - celebrating the fresh harvest and hoping for a blessed and fruitful year. with a strong belief that beauty and inspiration are in the small natural things - we enjoyed...

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Why we named our studio Armadillo? and how it works with Judaica? (plus a candy at the end)

We are always asked about the name of our studio - Armadillo. Not an obvious choice for a contemporary Judaica design brand. A couple of week ago a customer from Texas, where armadillo's still live - asked us again, 'I did not think armadillos lived in Israel, right?' she said ... That is right, there are no armadillo's in Israel. When we first had to choose a name for our studio, about 20 years ago - our main focus was educational projects for kids, we've designed games and hands on exhibits. We were looking for a logo that we could illustrate, and will have a nice sound. In addition - Hadas's father came to Israel from Argentina, where he was...

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A modern Mezuzah - a must have Judaica in a Jewish home

The Origami Mezuzah case was the first modern Judaica item we designed for a serial production, when we first launched our modern Judaica collection, this choice was natural - a Mezuzah is a basic, it is the first 'accessory' you place in your new house to feel it is a home. This is what makes it a perfect Jewish wedding gift, or a meaningful gift for engagement or housewarming. Modern Jewish homes worth a well designed stylish Mezuzah case, to mount with a Kosher parchment in it.  We loved this classic Origami paper fold, and were inspired by its elegant simplicity to create a series ceramic Mezuzah cases, glazed in a variety of warm and joyful colors, with the letter...

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