Seconds Sale - 30-50% Off

– You are most welcomed to find here your Judaica bargain! –

Due to the nature of our handmade products –sometimes minor faults happen - uneven wall thickness or edge, imperfect glaze, etc. 

These malfunctions even add a signature of the hand process of their creation, however, the items are still functional and beautiful. 

So far we've been selling these item in discount - only at the studio – when people could see them in person.

This summer, of 2022, we open the category of Seconds / B - Grades – for sale online <3

What to expect and how to enjoy discount items from Armadillo Judaica?

-         We've describe above in general the kind of defects – but we cannot show photos of each malfunction.

-         The items are functional, useful, and... beautiful!

-         Please note that Seconds items – are sold as is - no refunds, returns or exchanges.

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