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Why we named our studio Armadillo? and how it works with Judaica? (plus a candy at the end)

We are always asked about the name of our studio - Armadillo. Not an obvious choice for a contemporary Judaica design brand. A couple of week ago a customer from Texas, where armadillo's still live - asked us again, 'I did not think armadillos lived in Israel, right?' she said ... That is right, there are no armadillo's in Israel. When we first had to choose a name for our studio, about 20 years ago - our main focus was educational projects for kids, we've designed games and hands on exhibits. We were looking for a logo that we could illustrate, and will have a nice sound. In addition - Hadas's father came to Israel from Argentina, where he was...

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How did we know this was the right time to design a new Havdalah Set?

We are so happy with our new release - a minimalist Havdalah set, we consider it as a key item in our modern Judaica collection, it is much complex than many other Judaica items, and we want to take this opportunity to share the considerations and decisions we make in such process, from the very beginning, from the moment we decide what will be our next projectUsually - new items released every holiday, while the significant holidays are Hanukkah and Passover, with the Menorahs, dreidels, Seder plate, and Matzoh covers, all these artifacts are exclusive for Judaism. We enjoyed giving them all several design interpretations during the last years.In addition to these - Mezuzahs and Shabbat items are 'must have'...

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