A modern Mezuzah - a must have Judaica in a Jewish home

The Origami Mezuzah case was the first modern Judaica item we designed for a serial production, when we first launched our modern Judaica collection, this choice was natural - a Mezuzah is a basic, it is the first 'accessory' you place in your new house to feel it is a home.

Modern ceramic Mezuzah case, white with gold Shin, placed on a doorpost in 'Neve Tzedek', Tel Aviv

This is what makes it a perfect Jewish wedding gift, or a meaningful gift for engagement or housewarming. Modern Jewish homes worth a well designed stylish Mezuzah case, to mount with a Kosher parchment in it.

Modern Mezuzah, Origami design, red ceramic, mounted in an urban modern Jewish home

 We loved this classic Origami paper fold, and were inspired by its elegant simplicity to create a series ceramic Mezuzah cases, glazed in a variety of warm and joyful colors, with the letter 'Shin' embossed with gold or silver accent luster.

A paper sketch - Origami folded model, painted in silver

The geometric collection of Mezuzah launched later, also inspired by Origami, its lines are more simple and clean, glazed in pastel shades of glaze. 

A pink ceramic Mezuzha in Shira's nursery room

It comes in 3 sizes -small for 2.8'' scroll, medium for 4'' scroll, and large for 4.8'' scroll. It is so exciting and fun when Our customers send us pictures of their new Mezuzah cases, mounted in their renovated homes, Look at this yellow Mezuzah case, on a yellow doorpost, daring and bright, it makes a unique entrance to Ruthie's home in Mazkeret Batia - -

Yellow Mezuzah case, on a Yellow doorpost, daring and bright, a unique entrance to Ruthie's home in Mazkeret Batia

This Mezuzah case in olive green glaze, at Yael's home in Tel Aviv, reflects her blooming Mediterranean garden - -

A Mezuzah case in olive green glaze, at Yael's home, reflecting her blooming mediterranean garden.

Amanda, from Ontario, Canada, wrote to us: "The pink goes perfectly for my daughters door. Thank you!!!!" - -

The pink goes perfectly for my daughters door. Thank you!!!!

Kylie from Oragon, USA, was happy to have it in time to her new home, she wrote to us: "I put it up on the first Shabbat in my new home. Love it!" - -

Light blue Mezuzah case at Kylie's new home