Minimalist, clean, with fresh natural Israeli harvest - this is how we love our holiday table.

Modern Holiday table - minimalist and white, special for Shavuot

Photo: Hagar Dooplet

Looking for a creative idea for a summer holiday table - we could not miss the beauty of simple nature this time of the year - many fresh fruits and vegetables in the market, and all trees and gardens around us are blooming.

white table decor for Jewish holiday of shavuotWith the holiday of Shavu'ot in mind - fresh olive branches with tiny new fruits - are such a lovely addition to the table decoration. White flower, crispy Challa, and wheat oat - complete an atmosphere that reminds us of the Mitzvah of 'Bikurim' - celebrating the fresh harvest and hoping for a blessed and fruitful year.

with a strong belief that beauty and inspiration are in the small natural things - we enjoyed our latest photo shoot day so much - see our ideas for modern table setting - with geometric contemporary Judaica, and a touch of nature the warms the clean look.

Modern Kiddush Cups



 Like all other items in our modern Judaica collection - all these Shabbat set are handmade in Israel.Spinning vase - original dreidel - Modern Judaica Handmade in Israel