How did we know this was the right time to design a new Havdalah Set?

We are so happy with our new release - a minimalist Havdalah set, we consider it as a key item in our modern Judaica collection, it is much complex than many other Judaica items, and we want to take this opportunity to share the considerations and decisions we make in such process, from the very beginning, from the moment we decide what will be our next project
Usually - new items released every holiday, while the significant holidays are Hanukkah and Passover, with the Menorahs, dreidels, Seder plate, and Matzoh covers, all these artifacts are exclusive for Judaism. We enjoyed giving them all several design interpretations during the last years.
In addition to these - Mezuzahs and Shabbat items are 'must have' in every Jewish home, many families and individuals have a couple of each, in diversity of styles. We design and produce new models on a regular basis.

Havdalah cups - in process - at the ceramic workshop
A modern Havdalah set was always marked in our list of desirable things to design, we knew the experience of Shabbat will be perfect with a matching Havdalah set. Who really promoted it to a top priority in our agenda were our customer, and that is interesting - because most of them are abroad, we communicate by emails or messengers, yet, it is a very warm and personal connection - the return customers as well as potential clients - share with us their need and what is their desirable next Jewish gift, we consider these thoughts seriously and act.

We received messages like:
"I just found your site! I love everything !!
Do you have any plans to make a Havdalah set? I'd love to buy one in all white from you !!"
modern havdalah set - in process
"My boys have their b'nai mitzva and I have been looking for Havdalah sets for them. Do you make these? Your designs are my favorite out there"

We decided to give it a priority.

As we said - it is a complex set, consisting of 4 different parts - means a development of 4 different models and molds (not like a pair of similar candlesticks, or most of other Judaica objects - who are single items).
Each item has a completely different use - and still - all together should create a harmonic system.
We chose to keep the minimalistic geometric line that identifies 'Armadillo Judaica Lovers' style, but gave each and every part in the set its unique characters. We created an eclectic, but well curated collection of shapes - unified in one round dramatic black plate.

minimalist Havdalah sets in production
We especially love the Besamim holder (spice box) - it functions in two ways - One may put fresh green herbs in it, like rosemary, lavender, mint etc. this habit considered as a Sephardic tradition. It can hold water too, like a small vase
You may also put in cinnamon sticks or cloves buds - and shake it to smell the scent spreads through the spice holder's neck, this habit considered as an Ashkenazi tradition. This vessel's bottom is round and smooth, has a pleasant touch to move it from one to another.

modern Besamim holder - Havdalah spices box