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A modern Mezuzah - a must have Judaica in a Jewish home

The Origami Mezuzah case was the first modern Judaica item we designed for a serial production, when we first launched our modern Judaica collection, this choice was natural - a Mezuzah is a basic, it is the first 'accessory' you place in your new house to feel it is a home. This is what makes it a perfect Jewish wedding gift, or a meaningful gift for engagement or housewarming. Modern Jewish homes worth a well designed stylish Mezuzah case, to mount with a Kosher parchment in it.  We loved this classic Origami paper fold, and were inspired by its elegant simplicity to create a series ceramic Mezuzah cases, glazed in a variety of warm and joyful colors, with the letter...

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Exceptional urban design - Sukkoth in the city

Sukkoth eve is in a couple of nights, it reminds us how much we love roaming around the streets and have tons of inspiration for our modern Judaica creation - specially Jewish street life in the city of Bney Brak. The entire urban texture in this cities neighborhoods is changed in this crowded town during the holiday. The Sukkahs are built in the limited public spaces between the buildings. Most of the Sukkahs are built over terraces on metal constructions as expansions to the residential flats. The Sukkahs use up every little piece of open skies since the mitzvah is to build the Sukkah beneath the open sky. The work Sukkot is one of the contemporary Judaica works we made that are not a functional ritual...

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Origami turns to ceramic molds

We share love to Origami and paper folding. Fascinated from the transformation ot 2D sheets to 3D objects, we've adopted Origami as one of our design methods.  We start with folding paper models, for us it is an intuitive and creative way to check proportions, construction, design details and more. The final design is then translated to computer models, we then print 3D parts to create plaster moulds. The moulds are used for multiple ceramic molding.  

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