Exceptional urban design - Sukkoth in the city

Sukkoth eve is in a couple of nights, it reminds us how much we love roaming around the streets and have tons of inspiration for our modern Judaica creation - specially Jewish street life in the city of Bney Brak.

Sukkot in Bney Brak

The entire urban texture in this cities neighborhoods is changed in this crowded town during the holiday. The Sukkahs are built in the limited public spaces between the buildings. Most of the Sukkahs are built over terraces on metal constructions as expansions to the residential flats.

Sukkot fantasy

The Sukkahs use up every little piece of open skies since the mitzvah is to build the Sukkah beneath the open sky. 
The work Sukkot is one of the contemporary Judaica works we made that are not a functional ritual object. It is a visual statement we made by processing to pictures we took and presenting new image of what this Jewish holiday means to us.


Sukkahs built over terraces

In this work the photographs were symmetrically multiplied time and time again. We've created hyper-symmetrical environments and imaginary structures; symmetry grants the random environment with an exaggerated order. The work with the symmetry and multiplications is inspired by the traditional decorative Sukkah paper decorations.

contemporary judaica work - Sukkot

The work is also inspired by fantastic distant landscapes like Japanese temples, French gardens and floating houses.


A facade of Sukkot

Once, we hang these images in a gallery, towards an exhibition, a woman who passed there was fascinating of what she saw, and said she is certain that those are exactly the floating temples, her son told her he visited in south America...

Actually she was right, in this work we meant to emphasize the holiness of the holiday, out of the old buildings and rough materials. To celebrate gathering with friend and family at the Sukkah.

Sukkot in the city - modern take on ancient tradition