Kosher Mezuzah scroll, hand written by Sofer Stam om Kosher parchment
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Kosher Mezuzah Scroll, 4'' - 10cm, hand written by 'Sofer Stam'

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A Mezuzah scroll, hand written on a Kosher parchment by a certified scribe ('Sofer-Stam')

4''/10cm long

Fitss a Medium Mezuzah case:

Handmade in Israel.

How to mount a Mezuzah on a doorpost?
The Mezuzah case is ready to mount, insert the parchment in its place on the back of the ceramic case, make sure the 'Shin' on the parchment is parallel to the 'Shin' on the case.  it has 3M Heavy Duty Double-Sided Mounting Tape on its back. No need to drill holes or use any hardware.