geometric ceramic Menorah inspired by Origami
modern hanukkah menorah - white ceramic - geometric
minimalist chanukiah handmade in israel
modern judaica menorah origami design
Hanukkah Oil Menorah, White ceramic, Origami style
Chanukiah with glass cups for oil candles - trendy and traditional
modern geometric Menorah for wax or oil candles
origami inspired ceramic menorah

Hanukkah Oil Menorah, White ceramic, Origami style

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This Hanukkah Menorah is a perfect wedding gift - inspired by Origami it is super-trendy, yet, the combination of Kosher and elegance allows traditional 'Hidur Mitzvah'.

This minimalist Menorah is crafted from ceramic and glazed in translucent glaze, the off-white color preforms its elegant lines and angles in beautifully. A contemporary design for an ancient ritual, that you will be happy to exhibit in you home all year long.

This modern Judaica Hannukah Menorah design is inspired by Origami - The design process begins with paper folding. The final design is transformed into ceramic molds.

White ceramic with transparent glaze.
Brass canes.

<> The final color of our products is off white / cream (not snow white).
The white tone is an outcome of the natural liquid clay color after it is burnt and the addition of a translucent glaze. 

<> Slight changes in color may accrue in different productions batches.
For pair, or sets orders - we will choose similar tones for all items in the order.

Ceramic Menorah: 14" X3.2"X 2"h (35.5cm X8cm X 5cm h)
Each brass cane: 0.6'' dia X 0.5'' h (1.5cm dia X 1.2cm h)


Our products packed in stable cardboard boxes, specially designed for shipping worldwide

Handmade in Israel


✦ How to Place Hanukkah candles in this Menorah?

Canes should fit most common Hanukkah candles.
In case the candle is a bit narrow than the cane hole - it is very recommended to stick each candle with its own melted wax, follow these instruction:

- Melt each candle's edge, with the flame of another candle - the 'Shamash'
- Hold the candle in its place for a couple of second until the wax cools and become solid.

<> The wax that drops inside the holes + the melted edge - stick the candles in their place !

<> Candle holes shape is cone, measures - 10.5mm depth, 9-10 mm diameter


How to remove wax drops?

<> Use plastic card or credit plastic ruler to gently scrape wax drops off the Menorah's surface.

<> Put the Menorah inside a sink and carefully pour hot water over it, to remove remaining wax spots.

<> Use cloth, small brush, or any gentle cleaning tool, with warm water and soap - to clean the candle holes.

<> Do not put in dish washer.