Rosh Hashana unique tray
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Rosh Hashana decorative table

Geometric Rosh Hashanah Tray, Table Centerpiece gift, Minimalist Style Anodized Aluminum, Jewish Holiday Table, Jewish New Year Gift

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2021 collection - is closer than ever to the art of paper folding - a main source of inspiration for us.
For many years we've been working in a variety of techniques materials to give Origami and Geometry - a fresh interpretation - and to bring the newest design trends to the Jewish holiday table.
The Tray - stands in an unusual angle - light, gentle and minimalist.

Made of laser cut aluminum, with an anodized matte finish, this gentle and elegant center piece is decorated in rings pattern and adds contemporary style to you the traditional and eternal ritual of Holiday table.

This versatile tray can be used in two different ways, upright or upside down.

The thin surface design reflects our inspiration from paper folding, though it is durable and has 3 dimensional impressive presence on a holiday table.

Materials: Aluminum, Anodize food safe finish.

Measures: 8''x8''x4.5'' (20x20x11 cm)

Care instructions:
✓ This tray can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
✓ Do not wash it in the dishwasher.

Made in Israel

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