Glass Menorah and candlesticks - Connected vessels

A series of glass handmade Jewish ritual objects. These new series of Judaica design, inspired by the beauty of laboratory vessels, specially the principle of Connected vessels.
Contemporary interpretation to ancient tradition
These objects present a fresh combination between science and tradition. We were fascinated by the craft of glass laboratory vessels production, the pieces are handmade of glass.

The Hanukah Menorah and candlesticks are filled with water and oil, the oil floats over the water, and creates a beautiful effect of brightness and contrast. Colors are dripped and dissolved into the contrary liquids for extra celebration.
Modern Hanukkah Menorah. Handmad eof glass contemporary JudaicaContemporary Judaica, hand crafted glass Menorah, oil floating over water, blue color dissolves  
The series was launched in December 2009 at the exhibition "Judaica Twist" at Beit ha-Tefuzot museum, Tel Aviv.  The series presented in 2011 at 'Design in Israel 4', Design museum, Holon. The Hanuka Menora was given to Prof. Ada Yonat, Nobel prize winner,  as a gift of   appreciation from Israel Knesset.
The objects produced by order, for design collectors, and contemporary Judaica collectors.
Triple candelabra, hand crafted of glass, contemporary Judaica, made in Israel Exceptional Shabbat candlesticks design, handmade of glass, with oil candles floating over the water