Rosh HaShana Seder Tray
corian decorative tray
Rosh Hashana's Simanim
Op-Art Corian tray- made in Israel
Rosh Hashana decorative table

Rosh HaShana Seder Tray - Jewish Holiday Serving Tray Made of White Corian, Modern Minimalist Board Ready for Symbolic Food - Simanim

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Celebrate Rosh HaShana 5782 - 2021 - תשפ"ב with an Innovative Corian® Tray - a distinctive design of a serving board for Jewish holidays symbolic foods.
This center piece setting is perfect for Rosh HaShana traditional 'Simanim' - symbolic foods treats such as pomegranate, apple, dates, figs, Gourds, beet, fruits of seven species and honey.

A white minimalist snack tray brings the newest design trends to Jewish holiday Table - made of white smooth Corian® - this modern Judaica tableware designed in rich geometric pattern.

Corian® is an original synthetic material developed by DuPont ™ considered as "artificial marble"
We choose Corian for this item because of its great qualities –
Elegant and attractive to touch – it is smooth and easy to clean with water and a bit of dish soap. In industry - Corian is used for kitchens, bathrooms, and even laboratories working surfaces – obviously it is durable for many years for the use of Seder nights – with no need for any special maintenance, "Corian® was created for a lifetime of easy care" (

<> Maintenance and how to use:

- Corian is stiffer and durable than wood or other plastic materials such as acrylic – yet – a direct touch of a metal utensils may scratch it.
- Made of Corian - This Seder Plate is very easy to clean with sponge, cloth, water and soap. No need for any special maintenance in the long run.
- Do not use steel wool or stainless steel sponge.

Measures: 14.6'' * 11.2'' * 0.5'' (36.5cm*28.5cm*1.2cm)

Made in Israel

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