Modern Judaica Havdalah Set in white ceramic
Modern Judaica Havdalah Set in white ceramic
BesamimSpices holder for Havdalah
Modern Judaica Havdalah Set in white ceramic
Modern Judaica Havdalah Set in white ceramic

Ceramic Havdalah Set - White Ceramic Cup, Candleholder, Besamim Spices Holder and Black Plate

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Modern geometric Judaica set - ceramic Havdalah set, consist of all items needed for a Havdalah weekly ritual - a wine cup, a candleholder and Besamim holder - all made of ceramic, glazed in light green. A plate - to hold all set parts together and to collect wine drops - in black glaze.
Designed in contemporary style, this set is perfect as a trendy Judaica gift, for wedding, Bar-Mitzva, Bat Mitzvah or any other Jewish celebration and holydays.

<> We specially love the Besamim holder (spice box)

it functions in two ways - you may put fresh green herbs in it, like rosemary, lavender, mint etc. this habit considered as a Sephardic tradition. It can even hold water too, like a small vase

You may also put in cinnamon sticks or cloves buds - and shake it to smell the scent through the spice holder's neck, this habit considered as an Ashkenazi tradition.

<> Havdalah candles come in many shapes and sizes,
How to place Havdalah candle in the candleholder - in case your candle does not fit?
- If your candle is too wide - shave its bottom part with a blunt kitchen knife
- If your candle is too narrow - wrap its bottom with aluminum sheet to adjust it to the candleholder's neck

Materials: Natural white ceramic with translucent glaze, or black glaze

Candle holder: 3'' X 1.8'' X 3.5''h   (8 x 5 x 9 h cm)
Havdalah cup: 4"h X 3.2" (10cm h X 8cm)
 *The cup holds 7oz of liquid approx. (200cc)
Besamim (spices) holder: - 3.6'' X 3.5'' (9.5 X 9h cm)
Plate: 8''dia. X 0.6''h (20dia. X 1.7h cm)

Handmade in Israel.

Package: Our products packed in stable cardboard boxes, specially designed for shipping worldwide

<> The final color of our products is off white / cream (not snow white).
The white tone is an outcome of the natural liquid clay color after it is burnt and the addition of a translucent glaze.

<> Slight changes in color may accrue in different productions batches.
For pair, or sets orders - we will choose similar tones for all items in the order.

How to remove wax drops?

<> Use plastic card or credit plastic ruler to gently scrape wax drops off the candlesticks' surface.

<> Very gently drip hot water over the candlestiicks , to remove remaining wax spots.

<> Do not put in dish washer.