Three Modern Judaica Studios from Tel Aviv - on One Stylish Rosh HaShana Table

We invite you to celebrate this fruitful collaboration with us

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Being a contemporary Judaica woman designer, and a producer, in Israel is not obvious at all, there aren't many of us. That might be a good explanation of how silversmith Laura Cowan, Marit Meisler, owner and designer of CeMMent, and us - found each other, here, in Tel Aviv - and became friends. After a couple of occasional meetings in design fairs and cultural events - we've decided to establish a small professional guild to support each other, and to spread together the word of Israeli modern Judaica.

Anat Stein ; Hadas Kruk ; Marit Meisler ; Laura Cowan

We started to meet on a regular basis to share information and experiences, an undoubtedly female characteristic, sharing instead of competing, truly believing that the market is big enough for all of us. Our first meeting was on the May1st, we celebrated the International Worker’s day together. we called our group “Poalot Judaica” - “Judaica Workers”.
The next meeting earlier this summer was more productive, we gathered for a special photo shoot - we set a rich and festive Rosh HaShana table, collaborating Judaica items from each of our studios.
Each studio specializes in a different material, including cement, stainless steel and ceramics, creating an exciting and diverse festive table display.

We've discovered that energy is more powerful combined than separated.
While we found our path to Judaica in different ways, all three studios are Tel Aviv based, managed by career-driven women (and mothers). We share passion for modern design in addition to deep connection to ancient Jewish rituals.
We hope to inspire with fresh ideas for decorating your New Year holiday tables.

Rosh HaShana Table setting - stylish with Israeli modern Judaica designRosh Hashana Table decoration with contemporary Judaica from Israeli artists