Artistic Day Tour at Old Jaffa - Judaica Designers' Favourites

A sunny day, at Hol HaMoed Sukkot, was a lovely timing for 'Judaica Workers' next meeting.
We met at Marit Meisler Judaica studio - 'ceMMent', located at a typical picturesque old Jaffa alley.

Modern Judaica Designers, Armadillo Judaica Lovers, Cemment, Laura Cowan

Hadas Kruk from Armadillo Judaica Lovers - meeting Marit Meisler and Laura Cowan at Cemment modern Mezuzah studioBreaking routine in a colleague's inspiring studio - is so mind opening, always have a lot to talk about, jumping from one issue to another - from sharing our experiences with the contemporary Judaica market, to thoughts about financial issues.

Visiting Frank Meisler's Gallery in old JaffaLocated at a very artistic quarter of the old Jaffa, we were soon out of the studio for a walk. Although all of us wandered old Jaffa so many times before, with Marit and Laura we had the chance to discover new things.
First and foremost - we visited the studio and Gallery of Frank Meisler, Marit's father who passed away this year. 

Frank Meisler Judaica Art

We were fascinated to learn more about Marit's background. Frank Meisler is a world-renowned artist, we were lucky to be invited to inner parts of the studio, hear stories and see the backstage of this theatrical gallery. Very different than ceMMent's modern Judaica, and minimalist style.

Ben Zion David - old jaffa gallery - studio signNext stop, down the street, we visited Ben-Zion David Yemenite Art studio and workshop.

Ben-Zion David (Benzi) who is an eighth generation of a Yemenite silversmith's family, is an expert in filigree jewelry.

Established more than 30 years ago.  Ben David keeps innovating himself. In the last decade he opened an independent Yemenite culture museum. 



Traditional Yemenite Jewlery Gallery - old Jaffa


Yemenite culture independent musuem, old Jaffa, by Benzi Ben David

Ben-Zion started recently an interesting collaboration with renewed 'Maskit' brand. 

Just across the alley we were surprised to discover a gallery dedicated to Ben- Zion's collaboration with 'Maskit'. 

Maskit - old Jaffa - the less known gallery shop - a collaboration with Ben Zion David - Yemenite Goldsmith

While most tourists are well aware of the main Maskit shop, this gallery, located only 3 minutes walk, presents pure gold versions of filigree jewels, traditionally made of silver, and selected pieces from Maskit's fashion collection.

Maskit Collaboratin with Benzion Ben DavidLoaded with tons of inspiration, and some new ideas for us, 'Judaica Workers' - 'Po'alot  Judaica', we set a meeting for our new collaborate project, keep following

Where to find all these pearls?

ceMMent - Ha Pninim 1, old Jaffa

Frank Meisler - Mazal Arie 25, old Jaffa

Ben Zion David - Mazal Dagim 3, old Jaffa

Maskit + Ben Zion David - Mazal Dagim 2, old Jaffa

Cat Lovers in Old Jaffa