A day out in Tel Aviv - Saying Hello :)

The truth is that we are very shy. 

We love to talk about our work, take pictures of our work, but almost never talk about ourselves, or take pictures of ourselves.

  ענת שטיין הדס קרוק - ארמדילו Anat stein Hadas kruk Armadillo Judaica Lovers

That day - was exceptional, a day out at the heart of the city of Tel Aviv, we walked around fancy Rothschild blvd., Famous Allenby street, and invited Meital Cohen and her camera with us. Although temperature climbed high to almost 30 Celsius degrees - the streets of Tel Aviv early in June - are still breezy.

הדס קרוק, ענת שטיין - ארמדילו Anat Stein Hadas Kruk, Armadillo Judaica

הדס קרוק, ענת שטיין, Hadas Kruk , Anat Stein, Armadillo Judaica

We stopped for coffee and short brain storming conversation at a small cafe gallery - the owner Karmi Veraner is a photographer - his works are all around his cute little place.

Armadillo Judaica - ענת שטיין הדס קרוק בית הכנסת הגדול תל אביב

Crossed the street for a photo in front of the main entrance of great Tel Aviv synagogue - with its adorable geometric Ceramic tiles designed by Shraga Weil and performed by Moshe Saidi, both are modern artists and sculptures who created many architectural works throughout the country, modern decorative walls, gates, murals, that became iconic characters in Israels landscape.

Culture Hall - Kibutz Ha'ogen - Shraga Weil שרגא ווייל קיבוץ העוגן Culture Hall - Kibutz Ha'ogen - Shraga Weil

קיבוץ סניר - תבליט בעיצוב משה סעידי

Community Center, Kibbutz Snir, Moshe Saidi