Happy Passover 2017 - from us at studio Armadillo :)

Passover is in a couple of days, time to relax and get inspired. After a couple of busy months, we started our week in a coffee shop, at Tel Aviv port, with a long and inspiring discussion about our next projects...

Weather was crazy, can you belive these two pictures were taken a few minutes apart?

Tel Aviv port

 So... what we did for Pessach? we were making, awesome wood Seder plates

tangram making

We were packing orders for Judaica shops abroad

packing orders

We were selling modern Judaica and met new Judaica design fans.

selling Judaica


We were testing our new Matzoh tray and how it works with other stuff


Hadas Kruk and Anat Stein

We wish you all a very happy Passover, enjoy your holiday with your friends and families promise to return with stories from our Seder, and from Pessach trips.