Blue and white, and desert colors

While most of our modern Judaica items made in molds, inspired by the delicate geometric folds of Origami, we recently discovered the magic of Shibori. The roots of this traditional hand dye technique also leads us to Japan, like Origami - it is also about folding and discovering new shapes and texture.

Shabbat Challa Cover - and Desert view

Yet - in the process of Shibori - each product is a surprise, the patterns are so rich more and more layers discovered as much as you observe the fabric. every dot or spot tells a story of the indigo solution running within the fabric fibers, facing the folds and the ties.

The output - is a fascinating performance of organic shapes.

shiboridaica shibori and judaica

This 'Yom HaAtznaut' we've launched a new ShiburiDaica item in blue and white - a special OOAK hand dyed Challah covers collection, to bring the coolest design trends to the Jewish Shabbat table.

blue and withe and desert colors

After weeks of intensive work at the studio, we decide that this year, we will celebrate Israel's independence day at the desert, away from hectic festivals at the city.

We made, in advance, blue and white flags garland, from hand dyed fabric pieces - left from the new Challa covers' creation.

shibori modern design

Traveling south to 'Makhtesh Ramon' we were fascinated to discover how similar are the natural shapes of the rocks in the desert - to the organic Shibori patterns

Both makes you stare at them and discover more and more waves and shapes that tells the paths liquids had made through solids.

Blue and white, and desert colors are our choice of colors of the 70th birthday of Israel.