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Holiday Challah Set, Corian Tray and Cotton Cover, Geometric Op Art Pomegranate Pattern Red on Off-White - Rosh Hashanah 5782 Table Linen

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A perfect set for Challah lovers - an Innovative Corian® Challah tray with matching Challah cover decorated in an original geometric pomegranate pattern.

This stylish and modern Rosh Hashana set includes our lately released Challah board made of Corian with a fresh and trendy Challah cover - an item from a Holiday Table Collection - specially Released for Rosh Hashanah 2021 / ראש השנה תשפ"ב 5782

Beyond its fine materials and production process - this holiday table set design is inspired by the beauty of the pomegranate - one of the most symbolic fruit in Judaism, and exclusively a great symbol of Rosh Hashanah. and the great streaming lines of a fresh traditional Challah.

The Corian® tray is made in Israel - by a Du-Pont certified producer.

While most of our modern Judaica items are made in Israel - The items of this collection are POD (print on demand) in a US based factory - in these items our focus is on a widening variety of patterns, for Jewish holidays and events, with an option of personalization.


Challah Cover:
♥♥Materials: Cotton Twill, double layers
♥♥Measures: 14'' * 18'' (37.5*47.5 cm)

Care instructions:
✓ Machine wash separately in cold water.
✓ gentle cycle.
✓ mild detergent.
✓ Do not bleach or wring.

Challah Tray:
♥♥Materials: Corian®
♥♥Measures: 14.6'' * 11.8'' * 0.5'' (36.5cm*29.5cm*1.2cm)

Maintenance and how to use:
✓ Do not use metal utensil or any knifes straight over the Challah board surface. Either cut the Challah by hands, or if you choose to cut the Challah bread with a knife – do not reach close to the Corian surface with the knife's blade.
✓ Corian is stiffer and durable than other plastic materials such as acrylic – yet – a direct touch of a metal knifes may scratch it.
✓ Made of Corian - This Challah board is very easy to clean with sponge, cloth, water and soap. No need for any special maintenance in the long run.
✓ Do not use steel wool or steel stainless sponge sponges.

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