Mezuzah case handmade of white ceramic wavy shape
Minimalist modern Mezuzah case, white and gold, wavy design
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Kosher Mezuzah scroll
Modern Mezuzah Case - White Ceramic with Gold Shin' -  for 2.7'' Scroll

Modern Mezuzah Case - White Ceramic with Gold Shin' - for 2.7'' Scroll

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A modern Mezuzah case designed in wavy lines. This Mezuzah case fits a 2.7'' (7cm) scroll to mount on indoor doorposts, or urban apartments' doorways. Its gentle curves and hand painted 'Shin' make it look like a jewel.

Looking for an original Israeli design gift, this handmade item makes a perfect Jewish wedding gift or a trendy housewarming gift.

Made of white ceramic, glazed with transparent glaze and decorated with gold or silver 'Shin - your choice, it fits lovely modern interiors, and add an elegant artistic touch to your Jewish home.


White ceramic, Glaze

<> The final color of our products is off white / cream (not snow white).
The white tone is an outcome of the natural liquid clay color after it is burnt and the addition of a translucent glaze.

<> Slight changes in color may accrue in different productions batches.
For pair, or sets orders - we will choose similar tones for all items in the order.


Measures: 1 X 4.1 X 1 h inch (2.5 X 10.5 X 2.5 h cm)

Scroll :

The Mezuzah case fits a 2.7 inch (7cm) scroll

<> We offer an option to purchase a fitting Kosher Mezuzah scroll, choose 'Add a scroll' when you check out. Our Mezuzah scrolls are hand written on a Kosher parchment by a certified scribe ('Sofer-Stam') <>        

Handmade in Israel

How to mount a Mezuzah on a doorpost?
The Mezuzah case is ready to mount, it has 3M Heavy Duty Double-Sided Mounting Tape on its back. No need to drill holes or use any hardware.