modern Hanukkah Menorah heart shaped tangram puzzle
modular Chanukiah - heart shaped puzzle playful Menorah
playful modular Hanukkah Menorah - inspired by Tangram puzzle
trendy and traditional - modern Menorah for 'Hidur Mitzva' oil candles
perfect haert shaped contemporary Menorah, modular and playful
tangram puzzle geometric Menorah

Heart Tangram Hanukkah Menorah - Neon Pink Acrylic Modular Chanukaih - for Wax Candles ** Special Price for a New Arrival **

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This heart shape Tangram Hanukkah Menorah is playful and modular, a unique Judaica gift in modern geometric style for all family, kids and young at heart. An origianl Bat- Mitzvah gift.

Tangram is one of the most popular puzzles in the world,
Tangram Menorah adds imagination and humor to the holiday of Hanukkah, it re-invents the ritual of lighting the candles.
The Menorah consist of ten parts: The large heart shaped tray holds the nine candle holders, while Lighting the Menorah parts- the tray can hold treats.

With Tangram Menorah - you create a new Chanukkiah each one of the eight evenings of Hanukkah! you may assemble the Menorah in a shape of a flower, an animal, or any geometric shape, the square part is the 'Shamash' it has a ring that defines it from the other parts, and lifts the brass cane a bit higher.

The Brass candle cups fits Hanukkah candles or olive oil cups.

For a set with additional 9 oil glass cups - click here:

Made in Israel:

Laser cut and assembled by hand.


Acrylic, Brass candle cups.


7.6X7.46X0.5h inch (19X19x1.3h cm)

Parts included:
1 large heart shape tray
2 square candle holder (one of them - 'Shamash')
2 triangle candle holders 
4 quarter circle candle holders
1 parallelogram candle holder.

9 brass canes - each glued to a geometric part.

<> How to remove wax drops?

● Put the Menorah parts in a bowl or a sink, Very gently drip hot water over the parts, to remove remaining wax spots.
● Use cotton cloth, or any smooth and gentle cleaning wipe to remove marks that left and shine the surface.

● Do not use any brush or sponge that may leave scratches.
● Do not put in a dishwasher.

** The actual colors of the item may seem a bit different from the pictures, because of the differences in lighting and computer monitors.