contemporary Rosh Hashanah table with modern Judaica, trendy Challah cover and more
Shabbat table - Challah cover - minimalist design blue on white
Shabbat table - Challah cover - minimalist design blue on white
bule digital print on white cotton - made in Israel - Challa cover geometric design
Blue on white - modern Challah Cover for modern Shabbat table

Cotton Challah Cover for Shabbat Table, Op-Art Challah Print, in Four Shades of Blue, Finest Digital Print. Made in Israel

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New colorful collection Op-Art Challah design, high end digital print in full colors - on off white fine canvas.
This design has a beautiful gradient of in in Four Shades of Blue - that emphasizes and highlights the optic effect of the Challah pattern

When we first saw textile products manufactured by Kornit-Digital printers - we knew we should use the advantages of this technology to expand the range of Challah cover - unlike screen printing - fine digital printers can print millions of colors, it opened our imagination and creativity - the outcome of this process is a colorful collection of holiday and Shabbat Challah covers.

So many colorful combinations in this collection - why not choosing more than one cover, for different occasions!
Made of one layer of fine fabric - the cover is stable and yet fall nicely over the Challah

We've been researching Op-Art style lately, and are trying to express our enthusiasm of its magic in various materials and techniques, the graphic Challah print of this cover matches perfectly the more minimalistic Challah design engraved on our Corian Challah board - Together they make a perfect Shabbat Set:


<> Materials:
Cotton, Fine Digital printed Pattern.

<> Measures :
Approximately 18.8" X 14.4'' (47X36 cm)
Handmade in Israel