contemporary design for Shabbat table set - 3D printed in ceramic
modern Shabbat candlesticks - clay 3d printing
contemporary design for Shabbat candleholders - 3D printed in ceramic
contemporary design for Shabbat candleholders - 3D printed in ceramic
contemporary design for Shabbat Kiddush cup - 3D printed in ceramic

Early Bird Sale- Shabbat Table Set - Pair of Candleholders and a Kiddush Cup - Pearls

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We invite Judaica design lovers and early adopters - to join our design journey - and order some of the very first clay 3D printed Judaica in 45% discount!

Our progress as contemporary Judaica designers - brought us this year to start a completely new collection of ceramic items - 3D printed in our new clay 3D printer.

This elegant Shabbat table set includes a Kiddush cup and a pair of candlesticks, both have a gentle pearls pattern - created in a unique method by a clay 3D Printer.
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Please note that some imperfections and exception may apply to these items, since we are still learning the technique of printing clay, glazing and burning it in the kiln.
Yet - these items are functional, and above all - innovative and brings the newest design trend to your Jewish holidays table <3

Enjoy now - for a limited time only - Early Bird Sale of 3D Printed Clay Candlesticks.

3D printed Ceramic in its natural ivory shade color.
Decorative sage stripe on each candleholder.
Transparent glaze.
Black metal cups for candles - fits up to 20mm candles.

Measures of each candlestick:
8.5 X 8.5 X 5 h cm (3.1 X 3.1X 2 h inch)

Kiddush Cup Measures:
6.5 X 6.5 X 10 h cm (2.6 X 2.6X 4 h inch)

Handmade in Israel

** Actual colors may appear different from the images shown here, due to differences between monitors and light conditions.**

** How to clean wax drops?

<>Use plastic card or credit plastic card or ruler to gently scrape wax drops off the candlesticks' surface.
<> Very gently drip hot water over the candlesticks, to remove remaining wax spots.
<> Do not put in dish washer.